Monday, May 7, 2012

Trail Magic

Janet and I just arrived back home from a day of trail magic for some AT hikers.  We headed up to Dahlgren, Maryland near Boonsboro with food and drinks.  We set up around 11 A.M., put up a "Trail Magic" sign and it wasn't long til a hiker arrived.  His trail name is Bomber and he is from Rochester, NY.  In the next  3 hours or so we ended up with 4 other hikers.  Swiss Miss and Alien are from Winterthur, Switzerland.  Zoso from Philadelphia soon came by and then Metro North from Brooklyn, NY arrived.  We greatly enjoyed meeting and talking with the young thru-hikers and they were glad for some grub. They are all hiking about 20+ miles each day!

I've decided to delay my return trip to the trail until July 5th.  I was told the black fly season this year is supposed to be bad, so to save myself some nasty bites...I'll wait til it is over.  My hiker friend Muldoon has offered to drive me back up to Gorham, NH to continue the hike. 

Brian, Amy and I are going to do an overnight 22 mile hike in a couple weeks.  It should be fun.  I will let you know how it went with my next post. 

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”
John Muir